Online Life Coach Maria Westcott

As an online life coach, I can help you to achieve your goals in all areas of your life via the internet (free life coaching) or over the phone (paid life coaching). If you would like to become a life coach , I can also help you start up and build a successful business.

Have the career you've always dreamed of! 
Never worry about money again! 
Have the most fulfilling relationships! 

Are you ready for change? In today’s busy world, more and more people are feeling overburdened, burned out, stressed and are often faced with too many decisions and choices.

Life coaching is a powerful relationship that allows a person to have the space and support to move forward in certain areas of life such as career, spirituality, fun, health, recreation, family, finances, living environment, etc.

A life coach can help you to:

  • Make a plan of action and stick to it
  • Create compelling goals
  • Be successful and happy
  • Clear obstacles to achieving goals
  • Break through in areas where you are stuck
  • Improve your relationships
  • Live in line with your values
  • Bring out your personal best
  • Maximise the use of your time
  • Improve your Work/Life Balance

Online life coaching is not counselling and it's not therapy, but a practical, forward-looking way to gain clarity into what you don't like in your life and what you can do to change it. It's also a powerful support system to keep you moving in the right direction and it provides an external perspective on your life.

During our sessions, you'll be answering powerful questions, which allow you to gain astonishing insights into your world and your thoughts. You'll be challenging your beliefs and freeing yourself from your self-imposed prison. Your life will begin to sparkle! Regular phone calls provide moments of focus and inspiration.

As an NLP life coach, I can answer your questions online for free or I can work with you over the phone (telephone coaching), in 40-minute sessions . Some people only have two sessions; while others have a course of 5 or 10. Some people stay with me for many months, lowering frequency as their goals and progress become clearer.

Purchase your life coaching sessions below and then fill out the Pre-Coaching Questionnaire. I will then contact you to arrange a convenient time for our call.

Tele-Coaching with Maria Westcott

Free Online Life Coach - Why not share your questions and issues with The Secrets of the Law of Attraction Community! You can do this anonymously and I will provide free online life coaching.

Would you like to be coached by Maria online?

Do you have any questions about life coaching or personal issues that you would like Maria to answer online so that others in The Secrets of the Law of Attraction Community might also benefit from her response?

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Hello, I'm a 44-year-old married mom of an awesome 17-year-old son. We have what many would say is an idyllic life, living at a beautiful mountain …

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Hello! Two months ago my boyfriend of 1 1/2 years broke up with me saying I betrayed his trust and that what I did last was the icing on the cake. …

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Imagine it and it is yours!

Maria Westcott
The Mind's Eye Productions
BA Psychology
Dip. L. Coach
Dip. Couns
Dip. NLP
MBA International Business
MBA Finance

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