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Creating a Gratitude Journal is easy! Tell the world what you are thankful for! It is the fastest and easiest way to get the Law of Attraction working for you.

Gratitude is one of the key factors in the Law of Attraction and it is so easy to forget. We are often so preoccupied with trying to attract new and wonderful things in our lives, that we forgot to be grateful, not only for everything that have, but also for the things we are asking for. After all, you should be living in the knowledge that "without a doubt", those things WILL come to you. So why not give thanks for them already?

So for a little fun, we thought we give you a chance to post whatever it is that you are grateful for. Others will not only have a chance to read your entry, but make comments on it.

What are you grateful for?

Let's have a little bit of fun and at the same time inspire others to be grateful. Let us know what you are grateful for?

What Other Visitors Have Said

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The Awakening! 
I am so grateful that I have been introduced to the Law of Attraction! I am grateful that I have a GREAT support system! I am grateful that I KNOW my …

lori Not rated yet
Today I am thankful god interveined with my neighbors to bring peace I am thankful for my kids and my new roommate I am grateful to god for his protection …

Grattitude, God and Me Not rated yet
I am grateful to have a job I enjoy. I am grateful for being a child of God...I am never alone. I am grateful for the strength that God instills …

Love Life Not rated yet
I am truly grateful for the wonderful house I own I am truly grateful for the wonderful, sexy, loving, caring, supportive husband that takes care of me …

A Work Progress... Not rated yet
I am grateful that I've remained strong in the face of adversity... I am grateful that I have overcome obstacles and remained independent... I am grateful …

I am truly grateful Not rated yet
I am truly grateful for my family I am truly grateful for being debt free I am truly grateful for being mortgage free I am truly grateful for my new …

Raining outside - nice inside Not rated yet
I am so grateful to be inside a nice, warm house, when it's raining outside, like it does now and has been doing for days and days.

Life Not rated yet
I am greatful and happy that I am alive under grace. I am greatful and happy that God is my business partner. I am greatful and happy for my family. …

My Health Not rated yet
I love the health I have and I want more!

New Home Not rated yet
I am exquisitely thankful for finding the perfect new townhome for me! It's so beautiful and so perfect and I know I will be utterly happy there!!!

Gods in charge Not rated yet
I am thankful for everything my creator has given me, life, health, food, shelter, and everything else that is present in everyday life. As God being …

I'm so happy..... Not rated yet
I am thankful for my daughter I am thankful for the rest of my caring family I am thankful for my car I am thankful that I always have more than enough …

Just a few of my gratitudes Not rated yet
I am grateful for being alive three months after a colon cancer operation. I am grateful for my wonderful supportive husband. I am grateful for …

10 Things that Maria Westcott is Grateful for on November 8, 2008 Not rated yet
I am thankful for: My easy-going, hard-working and supportive husband My two gorgeous, loyal and crazy Labradors The fact that it's Saturday …

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