How Do I Begin??

by Lucy

Hello... so I have been reading up on the LOA for a while now, but haven't actually attempted to manifest anything yet. I believe that the LOA has worked for me in the past without me even really trying, like before I even knew about it - for example; things would happen in my life exactly the way I imagined they would. I would start to think about someone I hadn't seen in ages and they would just show up!

2 years after my ex and I broke up I randomly started to think about him again and thought how nice it would be if he just rang me up one day for a chat. I kept this thought at the back of my mind and about 2 weeks later, guess what... he rang me... just exactly as I had imagined!! Are these examples of the LOA at work??

Anyway, my main question here is how do I begin to manifest? I know there are several different ways to manifest - like daily affirmations, vizualisation, writing letters, etc. Can somone please advise on a good, easy way to start and how often I should use this method to begin with?

Many Thanks... Xxx

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