Law of Attraction Products and Law of Attraction Cool Stuff

The best Law of Attraction products and cool stuff to manifest the life of your dreams. Law of Attraction games help the Universe to shower you with abundance!

With these Law of Attraction products, it is my intention is to make this website as fun and interactive as possible. I have found the following Law of Attraction cool stuff , which I hope you'll enjoy.

Bank of the Universe Cheque

This bank of the Universe cheque (American: check!) is a great way to manifest abundance in your life. Print it out and use it to write yourself cheques in the amount that you wish to receive. You can put the cheques on your desk, in your purse or wallet and regularly remind yourself of what is on its way to you. Click here for the Bank of the Universe Cheque

Million Dollar Bills

Here is a website where you can order Million Dollar Bills . Not only can these bills make you feel like a millionaire, but they produce very predictable reactions from people:

  • It always gets their attention
  • They always smile and thank you
  • They usually ask you questions about it
  • They treasure it and never throw it away
  • They always remember who gave it to them
  • They always show it to others, and even tell where they got it
  • They may even ask for a few extras to pass on to family and friends
  • Many inquire where to get them to use in their business and personal life

Use them everyday or even in your business.

On-The-Body Labels and Imprinted Clothing

On-the-body labels - on of the great Law of Attraction products - are a great way to apply intention statements and affirmations directly to the body to imprint the positive energetic frequency of the words on the water of your body. Working on the physical level, there is no subconscious resistance and all systems are go! Put a message on your body and change your life!

Build Your Personal Vision Board offers you another one of the Law of Attraction products to define and visualize your goals and dreams. Choose between more than 1000 fantastic pictures that represent the most important areas of life, e.g. career, relations and health. Combine the pictures with your own written goals. mymasterboard™ helps you find, visualize and be more specific about what you desire. This is a great programme to help you manifest wonderful things in your life. Click here to get started!

Affirmation Jewelry Charms

Another one of the Law of Attraction products for you....This site has over 160 sterling silver Affirmation necklace charms. These charms are made from sterling silver and are designed to combine positive affirmations with fashion and inspiration. These affirmation charms include everything from inspirational and spiritual themes to motivational and sports themes. The categories of affirmation pendants also range from self affirming to personal values. Enjoy these unique and popular round sterling silver necklace charms. Affirmation jewelry charms go very nicely as an adornment to hang on key chains, purses, cell phones, back packs, shoe laces, gym bags or as zipper pulls. Click here to see the Affirmation Charms

IQ, Aptitude and Personality Tests

This site has some very popular tests which had help you learn a lot about different aspects of your behaviour, personality and psychology. They can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you know how you can improve yourself. Get access to the tests right here.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment is a systems using Binaural Beats to directly stimulate the brain with advanced sound frequency technology and alter your conscious and subconscious mindset. You will feel the results the very first time you listen. Once your brain frequencies are adjusted to the correct absorption frequency, positive affirmations can and will be programmed into your brain. Your mind blockages will disperse and you will be filled with optimism. For more information about Brain Entrainment, click here.

Mind Movies

What do you do when positive thinking, affirmations, reading books, and listening to interviews just aren't working for you?

Check out this Law of Attraction product, the ultimate visualization tool

Mind Movies

Mind Movies allow you to create a vision of what you want, together with your Favorite song… the one that makes you feel good, the one that makes you want to dance, the one that makes you smile and sing along.

Yes, a Mind Movie is an impressive multi-media tool that completely allows you to make your DREAMS and DESIRES a big, big part of what you SEE and HEAR every day.

It's like a 3 minute slide show/movie of your perfect life.

Life Coaching

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I can help you to manifest whatever you desire. If you need help with any aspect of the Law of Attraction, I can work with you to get results. For personal online advice, refer to the Life Coaching page of this website.

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Imagine it and it is yours!

Maria Westcott
The Mind's Eye Productions

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