Grattitude, God and Me

by Sarah-jane Brett

I am grateful to have a job I enjoy.

I am grateful for being a child of God...I am never alone.

I am grateful for the strength that God instills within me... Without it I wouldnt be here.

I am grateful to know whatever problems I face, they will pass with time.

I am grateful to have a few people who listen and care for me.

I am grateful for the life that God has given me, the air I breath and the water I drink... So important, but at times I take them for granted.

I am Grateful for my beauty and intelligence.

I am grateful for all the books such as the 'Secret'... they open my soul and allow me to breath.

I am grateful for forgiveness.

I am grateful for many more things, even the things I don't acknowledge and don't know I have,...I am grateful.

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