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Aug 27, 2011
Stay Focused on Your Manifestation Project
by: Manifestation Code Scholars

When you are not aware of something that other humans are also unaware of, then that thing will exist in a fluid state of unlimited possibilities in a similar fashion to a quantum particle that has not been observed and is in wave function. When no one else in the world is thinking about something then it is in a state that includes all possibilities. Once someone focuses his attention on it, the wave state will collapse and a specific outcome and situation will materialize. Accordingly, if other people are aware of your specific desires and manifestation project, they can in fact influence it by observing it and being aware of it. They can also influence you and your mind with their opinions. It is therefore better to maintain your manifestation project private, unless you desire to manifest something together with someone else. Learn more about the manifestation process and how to harness the universal powers to reach your goals and desires in the Manifestation Code (

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