Why Visualizing and Manifestation DO NOT Work

by Kelly
(QLD, Australia)

Sometimes we have people in our lives that seem to be well and truly ‘stuck’. No matter how much we give them our love, understanding and encouragement, they just seem to be in quick sand. There’s the occasional flicker of hope as they’re handed a stick but then they let go and sink even further.

I used to be one of these people. I guess my flickers of hope were stronger than I anticipated for one day, whilst sinking in my personal quick sand, I was handed a stick by a stranger. Little did I know that before I grabbed the end of that stick, there was crazy super glue on it – there was no way of letting go.

The only way from that point was onwards and upwards from a pit of personal despair that consumed me, to a life of true freedom which I now live. I didn’t want to let go. I craved more of the words and ideas that this stranger gave to me. His name is Shayne Harris and I met him only once. He helped me out of the quick sand as we would talk over the phone about these amazing possibilities that were within my reach and then slowly, our phone calls stopped. Shayne helped me through the roughest part of my journey, but now I was strong enough to stand on my own two feet. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Moving backwards was no longer a thought; however, moving forwards became a strong desire. If I could get out of the quick sand and get happy, what else could I do?

That’s when I discovered the Law of Attraction and boy o boy – at first I was absolutely terrified of what I was learning. All those years of being stuck in the quick sand were of my own doing. I was too busy ‘playing the victim’ from all the bad experiences and influences in my life that I never took a breath to look around for the good things. What I focused on grew.

I no longer focused on negative experiences and influences but chose to find a positive in everything that happened to me and in everyone around me.
Even if it was the ‘tiniest bit of good’ I was now using my law of attraction to my advantage rather than my detriment.

Why was I scared when I first discovered law of attraction?

I was terrified of the fact that my entire life was, and will always be, a creation of whatever I thought. I was 100% responsible for every good or bad thing that came my way. It was ALL me.

Knowing this fact, with my focus turning slowly to the good things in life, I started receiving positive influences, ideas and emails and I took them all on board with an open mind. My life became positively synchronistic and remains so to this very day.

Emails came to me with links to wonderful tools that could teach me how to manifest anything that I wanted to have in my life. However, way back then,

NONE of these tools worked for me.

I now look back and smile to myself as I know why these internet products never worked. I expected nothing to come of it. These people who taught them were rich and famous. Not like me. (Victim). They knew how to practice what they preached – so to speak. I didn’t. I expected no great results and that’s exactly what I got – Nothing!

Remembering that I was 100% responsible for my success and failures, I took a closer look at myself. One thing I could not find on the internet was how to fix my thoughts – The thoughts of ME!

I embarked on a journey of monitoring my personal thinking. I taught myself how to change a negative to a positive thought, how to be grateful and how to ‘check in’ with myself often until all of these things became a habit. I made it! I was ‘up there’. I could now expect the best from every day, every moment and that’s when the internet tools started working for me. Not a moment before!

I know this is why

Many people are struggling to visualize and manifest their desires.

They pin all their hopes to one magical product when the REAL change must start from within. Go within or go without. It really is that simple.


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