Where are the boundaries?

by Susan

To what extent can we modify the world by thoughts? We are living surrounded by many people, so the consequences of one's thoughts are not only influencing one's life, but also the others.

What if two people are thinking about two opposite things? I mean, what if there is a conflict of desires; for instance wife wants to go on fall break to Hawaii, and husband wants to go to Norway? They are attracting different things, so who wins? One that is thinking more intense?
(Or what if one is imagining the certain situation for me, which I do not want, and I am trying to attract the opposite, for example the job.)

Or is the world we see just a matrix, individual for everyone, on which mind works? Are we totally alone and the people around are projections of our minds?

If so, from what information did we develop the world we are living in (all of the details)? Was it our imagination? But imagination based on what we have experienced, so we had to had something introduced to us so we could build our "worlds" upon it. So it's confusing.

If it isn't so (which I hope) where are the boundaries of consequences of one's thoughts? Do we have freedom? If one person thinks about terrible harm, lets say the war, will he/she bring it about?

Why can't we fly? Or stop the violence in the world?


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