What do you do when happy makes you sad?

by Sammi T.

I'm married to a Wonderful man. Between him and our son I feel joyous and fulfilled every day.

The problem I'm having lately though, is that the Wonderful man of mine is a Soldier in the United States Army. And currently deployed to Afghanistan until sometime in the early fall.

You'd think that thinking of him and how great he is would just make me happier, but this past week I'm finding my happy leads immediately to sad. I think "He's so great, I am so blessed that this amazing man is in love with me" cue huge smile... But fast on it's heels is the "he can't be here" part and the smile melts into tears.

I don't want to NOT think about my husband as he is a source of great joy for me, but it hurts to think about how wonderful he is because he can't be here.

I really, really need advice. A lot of my progress is backsliding rapidly because I have been unsuccessful in getting past this.


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Apr 04, 2010
It's Okay To Be Sad!
by: Maria Westcott


Thanks so much for posting on the website.

You know, sometimes with all of this focus on being positive and the Law of Attraction, we forget that IT IS OKAY to feel sad or to have a bad day.

You are separated from your husband and if you were to feel happy about it, that would not be a good sign!!

Miss him, long for him, be sad, shed a tear....IT IS OKAY! It is normal. But then let it go and move on.

It is only a problem if you let the sadness consume your life.

Fact - You and your husband will sadly be separated until the Autumn. You can either be miserable and sad for the next 6 months (only YOU can make yourself miserable and sad) or you can
be happy, despite your circumstances.

I'm sure your husband and son would prefer you to be happy and positive!

But when you miss him, or when you have a bad day....don't beat yourself up! Acknowledge those feelings and then move on.

Your husband is a real hero and we are so grateful to all of the young men and women in the Armed Forces. I hope you find support in this forum and on this website and please let us know how you are getting along.

Imagine It and It Is Yours!


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