What Am I Doing Wrong?

by Amanda
(Los angeles)

2 years ago in April I was in a motel room high on meth with some dude I met that night. As we sat in that room passing the pipe back and forth he asked me a question. "Have you ever heard of 'The Secret'?" I was like "No". He goes on by saying, "It's the Law of Attraction. Look I'll show you a video." He pulls up YouTube and plays several videos that alter everything I ever believed.

I went home that night and obsessed over it. I did some research on the computer and then asked my mom about it. She and I never spoke much but we did live together so i was curious to know if shes ever heard of this. And so I asked her. She says, "Yeah, I have the DVD." I looked at her with a confused face because I'm thinking I'd discovered a mircle and shes had it in her hands the whole time.

I asked to borrow i, played it, and my life has NEVER been the same. I not only mastered the Law of Attraction, but received all I believed. I got sober, got a great job, pursued my passion with food and cooking and my life was being enjoyed in the purest most natural way... through pure peace love and happiness.

Now to my point... I know the "secret", I get it, but for the past four months I can't for the life of me seem to apply it. I'm stuck. It's like I forgot how to use it. No matter how much i research now, no matter what, I get the same websites the same information. The books I read say the same things, no matter how many I buy. It's like my reality is on pause.

Is this normal? How can I go back to applying the Law of Attraction? Is it just something that has to be within and there are no answers?

I just need to believe again, but if that is the case... How? Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong!

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