Using The Secret to get out of an abusive relationship

by Julia

I've watched The Secret (Law of Attraction) about a 100 times and in 2 diffrent languages. The first time I saw this movie was about 4 years ago. I've been trying to apply the knowledge I've gained from it during all these years, but I am not able to set my mind to what it needs to be to get what I want for some reason.

But here's a question I had on my mind for a very long time now and I was wondering if anyone could answer this.

For instance, there are 2 people that both know The Secret and use it in their lives and these people want the opposing things. One person wants to get away from the other person and uses the Law Of Attraction to do just that, while the other person wants that person. The person that wants to get away from him is not the person who wants to keep that person close to him forever and ever, but he too is using The Secret knowledge to do that. What then?

Now to relate this to my story. I have been in a relationship with someone 13 years older than me since I was 15. There is nothing more in this world that I want than to get away from this person, to lose all contact with him and to forget that he exists.

I almost have no education (never finished high school), family members are dead, except for an alcoholic father. I do not live in my own country (never have since I was 12) and I am currently in a country where I am not a citizen, I do not speak their language very well, I do not
have many friends, and I do not have proper documents that would allow me to work or to live like a citizen of the country.

The person that I'm with finished college, studied psychology, has very high IQ level (about 150-160), has a very big family that will provide help if he needs to. He used to be a lawyer once, and he's good at a lot of criminal schemes as well- for instance he's managed to steal money from bank accounts and banks in the past and has never been caught- because he knew the law so well that the way he did it, made it impossible to catch to him. He didn't even had to hide.

This is the person I am going against.

I almost never have time to myself, which means I cannot communicate with my friends or look for help without him knowing, and my every move is being watched if there is any chance of doing so and that chance is usually there. I've been meaning to post this message for months now, but only now I've gotten the opportunity to be alone enough to write this- hope you get the picture.

In the movie, in the part about relationships they say that you should consider all the things you like about that person and then that person will be mostly of THAT to you.

Well what if I don't want him to be anything to me? What if I just want him out of my life, just out completely, to never see or hear from again?

Again the main question is, what if two people are both using The Secret to get the opposite things? What happens then? Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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