Secret 'KEY' that no one talks about

by Walter

One of the keys of wanting things,is that you become what you think about most of the time, which means if you really want things in your life, people always talk about a balanced life. i.e You want a great relationship, you want a great social life, you want great health, a great family, you want great emotions, great finances, a great career, you want to be fulfilled etc.

Well, if you're thinking of all these things throughout the day, the question is: What are you thinking about most of the time? The answer is: You're not focusing on anything. You're putting out so many different vibrations, all of these vibrations are good but none of them, therefore, can be very intense very powerful and none of them can be broadcast out of your brain for a long duration. Make sense?

One of the secret keys that nobody will talk about, because they're always talking about this balances life - is that you CAN'T live a balanced life. You must be focusing on a CHIEF AIM most of the time. If that's your health, that's your health, if that's your finances, that's your finances, if that's your relationship, that's your relationship and so on.........You become what you think about most of the time, therefore, you must have a chief aim. If you were to look at various areas of your life you really have to ask yourself, what is your chief aim? Is it finances, health, family, relationship, career, what is your chief aim?

And the fact is, you could be broadcasting all those things, yes, but you must have a chief aim. This was taught to Napoleon Hill (who wrote the book entitled Think And Grow Rich), by Andrew Carnegie who (owned US Steel back then and was the richest man in the world at that time) and it is something that have been overlooked throughout history. Another way of putting it, is: You must be obsessed with what you want. That is the only way you can continue clarifying it, broadcast the vibration with power and intensity and have the duration long enough to create that what you want in your life. You must be obsessed!

So if you're putting equal amounts of thought across twenty different things, all those things will ultimately come into your life in varying level and degrees. But if you want something to really come into your life FAST, you must broadcast it virtually all the time which means you must be thinking about it most of the time.

Define your chief aim (what you're thinking about most of the time) and have a burning desire for its achievement. Burning desire is, massive obsession, thinking about (you can't have a burning desire for something if you're not thinking about it all the time), living it, breathing it, tasting it, touching it, anticipating it as if it is already yours.

That's how you create it! Look at all those that have achieved greatness; the great athletes, all the great musicians, all the great people in any area that have achieved greatness they don't have a balanced life. Does this make sense? But someone might say 'I don't want that, I want a balanced life', that's fine and very good. You can make good money, have a great relationship,and be happy and have a nice family life, social life and all these different things and have a wonderful balance life. That is a good chief aim, but if you want to make massive amounts of money, or have a spectacular physique, or have the most brilliant relationship in the world - that has to be your chief aim - meaning your going to be a little unbalanced focusing and being obsessed on that one thing.

Chief aim is overlooked, obsession is never talked about, but the fact is, you must have a magnificent obsession if that's something you really really desire. In order to get something you must be thinking about it all the time. You must define what you want and have a burning desire for its achievement meaning your obsessed with it, thinking about it, and feeling good when thinking about it. Does this make sense?

In order to be a master at using the Law of Attraction you must master the basics!

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