Responsible Law Of Attraction Living

by Philip Bourdon
(Pittsburgh, PA USA)

This is a site focused on becoming a Person of Powerful Attraction. Before you can enter into a lifestyle of attracting prosperity and abundance, you must take responsibility for your thinking, attitudes and behavior. This means accepting that you alone have created the circumstances and condition of your life. With that truth in mind, you can take charge of our life, becoming ruthlessly positive in your attitudes, choosing to make each day a great day and creating a new life.

The approach to these timeless principles is practical and down-to-earth, with many personal examples of struggling through mis-directed thinking, then coming into a powerful lifestyle of purposeful intention.

There are a significant number of quotes from Charles Haanel's The Master Key System as well as from great thinkers and motivators such as Emerson, Norman Vincent Peale and Henry Ford.

There are a growing number of fun, creative approaches, including comparing learning the Law of Attraction to learning how to dance.

Remember that you set the pace and are in charge, determining your attitudes, actions and achievements.

Get better equipped in applying the Law of Attraction and have fun while you're doing it!

By Philip Bourdon of

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