Relative Newcomer's Questions

by Martin

I've read a few books etc. on the LOA and have an open mind about the possibility of it being a reality, however I won't blindly accept something just because somebody says so. There are some aspects about it which are nagging me, which I cannot get any or satisfactory answers to. Does anybody have any input on these:

1) Kevin Treudeau in Your Wish Is Your Command says both Einstein and Eddison said/proved the brain is a transmitter and receiver of vibration. Where is the evidence/reference either of them ever said anything like this?

2) If it is our thoughts that affect illness/sickness then why do animals or newborn babies have sickness too?

3) KT again and Ester and Jerry Hicks both say you can BE, do or have anything you want(my emphasis).
This simply cannot be literal - could a midget become the most successful NBA basketball player of all time? Could a 95-year-old man run 100m in under 10 seconds? Could I, having no ability to sing whatsoever, become the most successful opera singer of all time? The answer to all of these is "No".

4) If the LOA is supposed to act like a form of magnetic attraction, and if objects have a frequency and the brain can emit that frequency, then I can see reasoning as to an explanation of how it works. But it is also supposed to work for non physical objects, how does the explanation of how it attracts physical things extend to non physical things?

5) Why is belief in it necessary? Every writer on the LOA says its a vital ingredient, none of the one's I've read so far have explained why. An opponent of the LOA would say this is a very convenient co-out explanation for the instances/people it doesn't work for.

6) There are dozens and dozens and dozens of books and materials on the LOA, with the exception of KT, specifically which of them were successful in tangibile, material terms (not in the cop-out intangible terms such as health, happiness etc.) before they wrote a book on it?

7) Where is scientific evidence that objects do in fact have their own unique vibration rate?

8) Do cars, which are identical in every aspect, but one has a blue interior and another has a green interior have different vibrational rates? How the **** does you brain "know" which vibrational rate is which when imagining a car?

I am not writing to provoke argument, as mentioned I am sympathetic to the idea and possibility of the LOA, I have noticed that people who whole-heartedly believe in the LOA become defensive when asked these sorts of questions, and cannot provided answers. I ask not to ridicule their beliefs but to find rational, sensible and not blinkered, answers to satisfy my own questioning.

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