Please Help in Manifesting

by Macy

I am going through the worst crisis of my life. Although I am not directly a part of the tragedy, it has affected my life tremendously.

This is about my parents. My father has gotten into some serious trouble. He got cheated by his own friends(co-workers) at his work. He has been framed into scandals to which now he is answerable, in fact he is facing court proceedings, whereas the actual culprits are absconding. His colleagues decietfully captured all his money and property that he had, ruthlessly defamed him and got him trapped with all the accusations.

I might not be able to prove his innocence here at this forum, but I will definitely vouch for it. He was asked by his lawyers to abscond as well so that they could buy some time to get him out of the whole mess. But my dad, being a man of principle, refused and said that since he has done no wrong he will not abscond.

He is a very sensitive, kind and a hard working man. All his life he has been helpful to everybody around him. He would simply trust anybody without even giving it a second thought. In fact the few people who are supporting him say that it is this habit of trusting people blindly landed him into this mess.

This has brought my life to a complete standstill. I am not able to concentrate on my life but am always worried for my parents. Fear, Doubt, Frustration and Helplessness are my constant emotions at the moment.

This is been on for few months now and in the meantime I discovered the LOA, read some books and watched the movie The Secret. I completely agree with all that is said in LOA but when it comes to implementation I find it very difficult. It take all my efforts to follow board, gratitude journal and writing down what I want....but simply hours down the line I get some bad news and I am pulled back into the whirlpool of negativity.

Friends, I really want to follow the LOA and start manifesting better experiences into my life. Any help any suggestions are all welcome. I really want my parents'life back on track along with the financial stability. Please help me manifest it. Thank You

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