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Apr 21, 2010
Take The First Step
by: Anonymous

Hi Germaine,

Whenever I hear that someone is having trouble getting started with a project or getting it "off the ground" as you say, I always advise them to just take the first step.

Many times we are overwhelmed by the scope of a project and we don't know where to start. Sometimes we need to get information before we can take action.

What is one thing that you could do to get your IT business going? It doesn't have to be a major goal, just a task, a small first step? Perhaps simply picking up the phone to contact someone. Perhaps asking for advice from others on a networking site such as Twitter.

It doesn't really matter WHAT you do. The most important thing is that you just DO something and take that first step. You will find that the first step leads to the second step, which leads to the third, and so on. The momentum will soon build and you will have your 3 IT businesses up and running before you know it.

You don't have to wait until you have the entire big plan finished before you start. You also shouldn't worry about making mistakes or doing the wrong thing. We learn from our mistakes and if you don't get something right the first time, you can always change it.

Just take that first step -- TAKE SOME ACTION -- and the rest will follow.

Imagine It and It Is Yours!


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