More Secrets

by Vincent L. Connelly
(San Bernardino CA USA)

More and more people are becoming familiar with the Law of Attraction, and more and more people are experiencing a “hit and miss,” on manifesting their desires. Sometimes the universe grants their desire; sometimes it doesn’t.

If you’re experiencing this frustration, take heart; there is a solution. Not every “hit and miss” will have the same cause, but the solution will work most of the time provided we get into the proper ballpark.

In my Book, "More Secrets," I will take you by the hand, and explain in great detail, the two secrets that can break forever the “hit and miss” frustration. These two secrets are Energy and Time. Now when I say Time, I’m not referring to time-management; this is something completely different.

Here I am assuming you have already worked with the LOA, and are not totally satisfied. Correct?

That can all be changed. Deliberately I repeat myself; in order to be truly successful in manifesting your desire, you must truly learn the secrets about Energy and Time.

In the past fifty years that I’ve been studying the Laws of the Universe, it has taken me over forty years just to uncover these two remarkable secrets. And they are at the crux of your success.

Now I’m assuming you are familiar with the different techniques, such as visualization, proper mental attitude, affirmations, etc. If so, then you are ready for these two secrets that can and will bring success into your life.

And one of these secrets alone, has so much power, it was deliberately hidden in a Tibetan Monastery for some 1500 years.

If you’re tired of the frustration in working with the LOA, and you’d like to learn how to break the hit and miss frustration, please click here:

Now you'll be in the proper ballpark, and we want you to hit, and we want you to do it every time at bat!

Best Wishes,

Vincent L. Connelly

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