Manifesting is a Partnership with the Universe and Takes Time

by Nancy J. Stremmel of
(Orient, New York, USA)

This website will help you to put it all together. You've read the French Chef and Julia Childs and the Fannie Farmer of the Law of Attraction (LOA). This is The Joy of Cooking with LOA. We will explain the tricks for applying the Law of Attraction in your life, give you the definitions and teach you to bypass the blocks when applying the Law of Attraction, and to jump over or walk around your hurdles. This is where applying the Law of Attraction brings satisfaction. The "do's" are easy, yet the "do not's" might take a little time.

Everyone has some experience with this. Let's say you want to improve a relationship. A two year old will tell you, "Don't say 'no' to me." A husband might ask you to "trust me and stop nagging." A teacher might say, "Don't look at me that way" and a wife might ask you to "pay more attention to me and turn off the TV." And, did you do that? It is not so easy to make those changes is it? And yet, we probably started all those relationships on better footing than we are on now. What happened?

The same is true of the Law of Attraction. We are masters when we start out. Applying the Law of Attraction has the same pitfalls as any relationship. It wants you to discover the key to opening its vault and it's a bit of a treasure hunt to discover which key works for you.

There are some general principles when applying the Law of Attraction and some others that are more specific. The movie, The Secret, was very general. Visualize what you want, Accept it and Be Happy and Grateful as if you have it now. Don't give up before you have it.

The last is the kicker isn't it? It was for me, and might have caused you trouble in the past. You hate your job or you are about to be homeless. You want and need it now! How long will you have to wait? The answer is, it depends on you. As Mike Dooley asks, "How badly do you want change?"

The Law of Attraction Sometimes Takes Time.

Sometimes the Law of Attraction takes time. We are not told this explicitly, and no one can tell us how long it will take. I think that it depends on the size of your dream. James Arthur Ray in the movie, The Secret has an illustrative piece where he shows the grass shoot just about to sprout above the ground but then the manifester loses hope, faith or confidence and the little shoot goes back down. I heard that Henry Ford declared bankruptcy 7 times before changing the world with his mass produced six cylinder engine. He was one of the magnates who informed Napoleon Hill's work.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich talks about persistance as one of the qualifiers for wealth and happiness. He
emphasizes this as a necessary character trait and tells the stories of many, many people who set out to become wealthy or successful. None of those he talks about got rich quickly and all spent some time in difficult circumstances. If you look up the biography of the teachers featured in the movie, The Secret, you will find a common history in making it only after some financial low. I had been wondering if this was a necessary element in wealth and began to investigate further.

Robert Kiyosaki was living in his car with his wife before he made it big. John Assaraf was living on the street as was Joe Vitale before their grass sprouted above ground. Wayne Dyer says that when he was first teaching, he was living in his car and learned how to sneak into hotel rooms while the rooms were being cleaned in order to use the showers. In fact, the only person I have found who created his own wealth who was never living in poverty was Donald Trump. He narrowly escaped bankruptcy when his casino in New Jersey took a dip in revenue, and he only did so by changing his lifestyle and re-focusing on business. It is taught in the Kabbalah and by Buddhists that we must survive a fall before we can make a jump up to a new level.

Mike Dooley at, another one of the teachers in the movie The Secret explains that when we are looking to manifest wealth and happiness we should "Keep doing what you are doing but do it better." Mike Dooley says that if we don't master what we are doing, it will master us. When we master what we are doing, the Universe will give us a better opportunity. Choices multiply. Other people notice us. We will be given opportunities and we will see what we really want to do. Or, we will find that we are living the life of our dreams and will not know how it happened. He tells the story of a computer expert who relocated from the UK to the USA for a great job. Shortly after he got his family settled, the company went bankrupt. His family was happy in the US so he was determined to do whatever he had to do in order to stay. He became a busboy at a restaurant, and a short time later was regional manager. Now, that's doing whatever you have to!

During this seasoning time, we must keep positive, avoiding criticism and negativity, and be careful to make decisions based on love and not fear. As Dooley says, do everything that you can with what you have and you don't have to hit the home run; you just have to keep pitching balls until the Universe hits one for us.

If your dream is a big one, you might have a lot of seasoning, and a bit of learning to do. Hang in there.

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