LOA Advice needed

by Tonya

I have been studying the LOA for over a year now. I have a vision board that I have created on Powerpoint that I have printed on photo paper and framed... I have it framed in the kitchen, bedroom, and study. I have the visionboard divided into two sides: appreciations and "ask believe receive." I update the board occasionally and move what I have received to the appreciations side. It feels good to see the change in my life this way. Don't get me wrong; I believe I have a wonderful life; I just now appreciate the knowledge that I play a larger part in the creation of my life than I originally thought. My question: how much effort do I have to put forth to accomplish what I desire: I ask, do everything I can to believe, and I have seen results. Do I just allow the universe to do its part? How positive do I have to be? If I feel sad or upset at all during the day, I feel like I have stepped backwards and must start the process all over again. How do I take the LOA in stride? Thank you so much for listening!

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Jul 08, 2010
LOA Should Be Fun
by: Sandra

Just remember to have fun practicing the Law of Attraction and don't stress yourself out trying to be 'good' all day, every day.

Go about your day knowing that you are the co-creator of your life and that what you focus on over a long term period is what you will create for yourself.

One moment of feeling sad, negative or down isn't going to make a difference. It's the constant, every day, all the time thoughts and focus that get us what we don't want.

You're not going to be happy, joyful and excited all the time, so don't sweat the little stuff. Allow your down time, be aware of it and then get over it to the best of your ability.

Nov 08, 2008
Your Emotions Keep You On Track
by: Maria Westcott

Dear Tonya,

The good thing about the Law of Attraction, is that thoughts do not produce an "instant" result. You need to focus on what you want, bring some emotion into it, allow it, expect to receive it, etc. This creates a time buffer, so you don't have to worry that the occasional bad thought or feeling will send you back to square #1.

At the very least, it is good that you notice your bad thoughts, because many people are not aware of them, and you can't put a stop to what you're not aware of. Whenever I have a bad thought, I just say "Stop" and put that thought out of my mind.

Your emotions tell you if you are living in harmony with what you want. There are only two types of emotions....good and bad. If you are feeling good, then you are thinking, speaking and doing that, which is in harmony with what you want. If you are feeling bad, then your thoughts and actions are not aligned with what you want.

I find that music can lift my spirits very quickly. Try visualizing your perfect life and imagine it as if it were already yours, while listening to one of your favorite songs. You'll find that this song can act as an anchor to bring the thoughts and feelings of this visualization back to you very quickly and easily. Feeling bad? Just listen to that track and feel the immediate uplift in your spirits.

Imagine It and It Is Yours!


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