Living the Law

by Rhiannon
(Rhode Island)

How do you incorporate the Law of Attraction into your every day life? It is nice to meditate for 20 minutes a day or make a vision board, but I guess the question I am asking is how do you live each day, every moment you can with intention?

I have been really focused on weaving positive intention into EVEYTHING I do and am looking for ideas. I do not mean in an obsessive way, I mean small and simple ways to keep me on a path of joy.

One thing that I did was start an Art Journal. This is a journal that I draw, paint, make collages etc. in. It's nice because I am a very visual person.

The other thing I did because I love to write is to start a blog. I actually started it today:

One of the simpler things I have been doing - successfully, to focus on what I desire, is everytime I notice myself getting negative or thinking of something that I don't want, I think "Ok, so what do I want then?" This has worked miracles in my life, even just because it redirects my thoughts into something more constructive, never mind all of the things that I know it has helped to attract into my life.

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