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Apr 21, 2010
Repay Your Debts If Possible
by: Maria Westcott

Hi Deb,

Money issues often cause problems within families. Many times, family relationships change or can be strained when one person borrows money from another.

I would definitely recommend that you repay your debt to the relative who is getting slightly impatient. I would also recommend that you repay your son as much as you possibly can, if not all of the debt. If the things you would like to buy are not essential to meet your basic needs (such as food and shelter, etc.) I would certainly choose to repay the debt over buying something for yourself. However if you need to spend some of the money to meet you basic needs, just keep what you really need and still repay your son as much as you possibly can.

Money is not a scarce resource. There is an abundance of money in the Universe. By hanging onto it, you will show a fear of lack of money.

Your son and your other relative will also be more inclined to help you out again in the future, if you repay your debts promptly.

Don't just think in terms of your current or past jobs when it comes to earning money. Open up your mind to the many possibilities of value you can offer to others that they will be willing to pay you for. What is your passion in life? How can you pursue your passion and simultaneously serve others?

Keep up the good work with the Law of Attraction! Remember that the key to success is in visualizing the outcome as if you already had it and feeling that emotion!

Imagine It and It Is Yours!


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