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Jul 04, 2010
The dark side of LOA
by: Lynn Rich

Hi Priyamvada,

I am always delighted to hear when another person gets into Law of Attraction. I am a LOA coach and trainer so it is always great to have more people come on board- welcome to our world!

As far when LOA stops working, of course it never does, it is more likely we have allowed doubts to creep in. This is a brand new process to you so be easy on yourself and know it is life long journey that just keeps getting better.

As far as your weight loss journey, this is an area I am being more and more drawn to and I have come to realise there are 3 main "eating styles" if you will.

If you think of us as falling into 3 main eating styles i.e. Traditional, Tempermental and Junkie.
Although we may fall mainly into one camp there may also be some traits to be found in some of the other camps too. Knowing your natural eating style from a Law of Attraction point of view is really useful as you can then begin to understand why you react a certain way to events and experiences that happen to you and this will raise your awareness and guide you to taking the right course of action to get the best results.

Take a look at the list below and see from the words I have chosen whether you can recognise what ?style? you might be;

Traditional Temperamental Junkie
Customary Sensitive Follower
Familiar Excitable Craving
Routine Sentimental Devotee
Regular Poignant Enthusiast
Usual Passionate Slave
Conventional Touching Dependence
Time- Honoured Moody Obsessive
Frequent Erratic Compulsive

I have develpoed this a lot more in my diet programme and would be more thsn happy to help you in any way I can. Hope this helps and good luck in all you do.

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