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Jul 25, 2012
There are really 4 people in ever relationship
by: Maria Westcott

Hi Trish,

It has been a while since you posted here, so I trust that by now, you know that your boyfriend is physically okay. Assuming that is the case, I'll address your other relationship issues.

Most relationship issues boil down to one thing. We have conversations in our own minds. I like to think that there are 4 people in a relationship. The real you and your real, the boyfriend you make up in your mind and the the girlfriend (you) that he invents in his mind.

Most times we're just creative "movie producers". When your boyfriend forgets to call or text you, you then create a big movie plot in your mind. You imagine what he might be thinking or doing, then you imagine what you would say to him, and you imagine what he will say in return, etc. etc. In the end, you are angry with him for not calling, you have jumped to all sorts of conclusions, which may or may not be miles from the truth.

Then when you actually see him or speak to him, you probably act as if these thoughts (this movie plot you made up) were real and you are negative, or angry, or upset, or jealous, or nasty.

If we could only stop to understand that 90% of most relationship problems come from our own thinking and not what the other person is actually doing...relationships would be so much easier.

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Imagine It and It is Yours!


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