I Really Love This Girl! Please Help

by Peter K

I'm 16 years old and I love this girl so much. First I only had a crush on her. I get to see her probably every weekday. She's 14 years old. She is from Pakistan and I'm from Sri Lanka. The crush became so strong and I started to love her. She is really beautiful and I love her so much. I dream about her everyday - the two of us sitting together on the beach when the sun is setting. - I love to dream about this always. Both of us together. It really makes me happy.

I haven't told her that I like her because I'm so afraid and I think it's too soon. I really want her in my life. When she talks to me, I feel so happy because she doesn't talk with me much (only if its important) like asking to borrow a pen or book. Sometimes I really feel like telling her how I feel but when I go near her and start talking, I change the topic like how is your sister doing and all.

I'm so afraid that I will lose her. Once when I was watching TV, I seriously thought that she was in there. I can't stop thinking of her. Once I was really sick but still I went school to see her. Then I was sent home to get some rest. I felt a little better and again went back to school to see her. I really love her.

I cannot bear not seeing her. She has changed me. I've been more kind to people and I've developed many good habits.

I have summer vacation, so I wouldn't see her much and I heard that she and her family will be flying to the USA to settle there. I always worry about this. They are waiting for the tickets so once they get the tickets, they will leave the country. This really gives me bad feelings.

I don't want her to leave me. I've been talking to her brother and sisters in order to get to know them very well. Please help me out.

My parents don't want me to have a relationship (but they do not know that I love this girl) Please help me out.

My mother have seen her twice and she said that she is very beautiful. This made me so happy. Please help me.

I want her in my life and also I want my parents to be happy with it.

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