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Jul 25, 2012
You are never alone
by: Maria Westcott

Hi Ekow,

The questions that come to mind for me are:

Do you have the skills required to manage money? If not, there are many financial advisers that you can turn to for guidance. You are never alone and there are always trustworthy people who you can ask for advice.

Or is it a question of not trusting yourself to spend it wisely? If this is the case, you can always invest it in a financial instrument that doesn't allow you to have immediate access to the money, i.e. you might have to give 30 day's notice to get your hands on it. That way you would not be able to do any impulse buying and would have 30 days to really give any larger purchase plenty of thought.

What is it that you want at this point in your life now? What is stopping you from getting it?

I have just announced a new Law of Attraction 30-Day Boot Camp to help people like you get the LoA to work for them. It starts on August 1st and I'm giving away the first lesson for free. Check it out at:

Law of Attraction 30-Day Boot Camp

Imagine It and It is Yours!


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