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Apr 21, 2010
Feel the Gratitude and the Let It Go
by: Anonymous

Hi Josh,

I think Erin has some very good advice.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that has always been around and was working for you even before you had ever heard of it. Now that you are aware of it and have been actively visualizing what you want and practicing gratitude, you are looking for empirical evidence and not finding it.

Well, let me tell you that The Law of Attraction definitely works. Perhaps others would like to post comments giving examples of how they have attracted things into their lives by using it.

But the Universe has its own time schedule. You will get things in due course, when the time is right. Just the thought that something is not coming soon enough for you, is enough to repel it further away rather than attract it. In fact, if you are thinking that something has not arrived, you are thinking about the LACK of it in your life and therefore NOT attracting it.

The key to success with the LOA is to visualize something as if it were already here. Feel the emotions of what it is like to have it and then let it go.

I find that a really good exercise is to visualize my ideal life or what I would like to have and feel the emotion/gratitude just as I am drifting off to sleep at night. By doing this, the subconscious mind has time throughout the night to really feel like that ideal life is already there. It will then act in accordance with this and attract those things into your life.

Imagine It and It Is Yours!


Nov 09, 2009
Focusing too hard?
by: Erin

I think sometimes people get carried away with Law of Attraction and practicing it. I know I have. There's so many things to do; visualize, affirmations, meditation, vision boards, gratitude journal, etc. One could fill up thier whole day with LOA exercises. But then you would have no time for inspired action.

I also think that we can focus and try to hard to attract something which pushes it away. Think about your life before LOA and all the things you've attracted. I know for myself growing up, I saw the things in my world (for example; both my parents had cars and a house so those things were logically achievable for me) and didn't think whether or not I would get them, I just knew one day I would. And I did attract all of them before I knew about LOA.

I've recently discovered this theory and am focusing on it (not trying too hard to attract something)I start my day with a few writing exercises then just concentrate on being happy. Deep down you know what you want without having to write it out everyday. If you're in the right vibration (being happy and grateful) you will attract things.

Hope this helps!

(also you should look up the 17 second game where you attract 3 things by focusing on them for 17 seconds each. You start with things you don't really care if you attract or not, eg: red ball, blue balloon, rainbow. You will learn how to focus, and how to let go as well as begin to see that LOA really does work)

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