how can the Law Of Attraction be like he law of gravity

by joe
(washington dc ,usa)

How can the Law Of Attraction be like he Law of Gravity? I know this will not get on the forum, because like all the other LOA forums and people who push LOA. You moderate it so you can mostly positive post.

The Law of Attraction is no universal law, and before I start, I am all for visualization and positive thinking. But LOA is not a universal law like gravity. Gravity can be tested measured and it realy does work every time, even if you do not believe in it. Thus it is a universal law.

And I would like to know why is it that the people of the "Secret" ignore people's cry for help that cannot get the LOA to work for them? My 2 friends wasted 1 year of their lives believing in the LOA and both ended up worse off than when they started (one even lost his house and job).

Futhermore, why is it that if some succeed, you claim it is the LOA, but if they fail you then rationalize it away that it was the person's fault.

You guys are no better than those over-religious zealots. Something goes right, they claim God is it; if it doesn't, they say something stupid like "God works in mysterious ways", or "It is not for us to question God's will".

Tell that to kids who are dying of cancer. Tell that to a wife whose husband has been murdered. Tell that to all the starving kids in the world.

Its like because it is their fault or its God's mysterious will. My friend has lost everything by truly believing in the LOA. Last I saw him he was living in a car, the last time I saw him he borrowed 30 bucks for gas from me and said he was leaving town. I haven't heard from him in over a year.

Way to go you LOA people. Keep up the great work suckering gullible people's money, and it doesn't matter how many lives are ruined as long as you're getting rich. (Post that to your forum!)

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