Can I attract one specific person?

by Hilde

I am a little bit confused. In The Secret they say you can attract a friend you haven't talked to in a long time. Well, mine isn't exactly the same, but kinda :p I have a wish to get back together with my ex. I know he`s single. No one was cheating or other did cruel things. It's just hard to explain why we broke up. Well...I really want another chance to show him who I am, and I'm wondering if this is possible by attracting it? Maybe some of you might say that I should contact him, but I don't want to do that. Part of me is thinking that he is the one who should contact me :p Thanks for answering :)

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Apr 03, 2010
Yes it works
by: Joey(F)

Yes, you can attract a specific person because with your thoughts you´re sending energy to him and he will feel it. The point is he should be in the same aware level like you, so you both need to have a similar energy to attract each other. You can attract better if you do similar things like him, visit similar places(just for your energy) and try to think the way he does. But you must absolutely believe that it will work and you should be out of despair or insecurity.
I attracted my boyfriends a lot of times and also was attracted by people who loved me. There i could feel when the guy was insecure and unhappy and this pushed me right away.
Hope i could help a little.

Nov 10, 2008
Concentrate On Getting The Love Of My Life
by: Hilde

Thanku so much for your answers, i feel like i understand things better now. It's better for me to concentrate on getting the love of my life...and if that turns out to be my ex, well then its meant to be :) I feel like i understand now :) Again, thankuuu :D

Nov 08, 2008
The Universe Will Deliver What You Want
by: Maria Westcott

Dear Hilde,

The Law of Attraction works in all aspects of your life, even though it may not be in the most obvious ways. If you are enjoying the company of another person, you are happy and sending out positive vibrations. However if you are not happy in a relationship or focusing on all the things that irritate you about another person, you will attract more of the same. If you shift your focus to what you DO want, then you will change the outcome accordingly.

So, I do believe that you can attract the ideal partner. You should begin to focus on what that person would be like. Shift your attention to what you want and you will begin to attract people with those traits, interests and behaviors into your life.

Based on what you wrote, I'm not sure that you are clear about whether you want your ex back. You are feeling that he should contact you rather than you contacting him. You are trying to figure out what went wrong and focusing too much on the negative. These are not the vibrations that you need to be sending out.

Why not broaden your options? By putting your attention on your ideal partner, you will send out the right vibrations and attract that person. If that person ends up being your ex, then fine. If not, perhaps you will be even happier with someone else. The Universe will deliver what you want if you become clear about what that is.

Imagine It and It Is Yours!


Sep 28, 2008
Attracting The Ex
by: Philip

Hello Hilde. First, I would encourage you to seek simple, straight-forward ways of attracting anyone or anything, including your Ex. These magical-sounding ways of attracting appeal to our desire to avoid hard work and honesty. The Law of Attraction applies almost always in a clear and logical manner; and that's no secret!

Then, your reason why you'd prefer not to initiate contacting your Ex reveals that you feel it's his responsibility AND NOT YOURS to do the contacting and thus the attracting!

The Law of Attraction is not a subtle form of witchcraft where you try to generate some sort of influencing power over your Ex that will motivate him to initiate contact. If you want to attract, then you must take responsibility. Responsibility means the "ability to respond." Respond to the feelings and energy inside you and take charge. Expecting and psychologically/emotionally "insisting" that he take the first step is passive, passive and passive.

The Law of Attraction is about intentionality; what YOU INTEND to do and not someone else! Passively waiting for him to make the first move is counter-intentional.

Visualize not so much his response to you, but how you will initiate contact and the attitude you will carry. His response is between him and the Universe/God.

This is not the response you may have been seeking, but I trust that you will agree that it's clear and direct:as you must be if you wish the Law of Attraction to ever work for you.



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