Big Goal and Aligning To It

by Anna


I've been having this quite big wish for a job I'd like to have and it would be something I'm passionate about. I've been doing some LOA exercises for quite long and I am still doing them. I can manifest some simple wishes and solve daily problems with so much success now, and I can even manifest more money to circulate around.

BUT - here is this BUT ... this job thing remains so hard for me to manifest.

Sometimes I feel so positive and in a good mood that I'm thinking it is strange that it can still doesn't happen. Sometimes...

Sometimes I feel impatient because of other things - as the need to have "a" job, not "the" job, because at the moment I am supported by my boyfriend. But I sort of aim only for this one and this one is rather hard to find in this country.

I am appreciating life and grateful on a daily basis. I visualize weekly. I am really cultivating a feeling good habit. I stopped trying to manifest things related to other people. I meditate. And I am finding better feeling thoughts.

The truth is that I chose a somewhat big goal, but I took a lot of time to align myself to it.
I don't know what other info would be helpful or important for the question.

Thank you in advance,

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