Beyond the Law of Attraction

Are you "struggling" with the Law of Attraction?

Or, do you want to find out what it's all about? I can help you.

Have you already tried some Law of Attraction exercises from another system, but just haven't been able to manifest anything?

Don't worry, I've been in the same situation. Where you are now. My visualization board didn't work, and my affirmations didn't really work either.

So, I set out to research the problem. I read religious texts and looked at scientific research. I was even able to access some information that wasn't easily available to the general public. I was also able to get in touch with a scientist who appeared in "The Secret".

Eventually, I discovered what I was doing wrong, and started to write a new system. Implementing my new found knowledge, I noticed that things really started improve. Changing for the better, in so many different ways.

Now, I have decided to share my secrets, and help you on your journey to greater abundance.

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