Avatar Lifestyle

by Kelly
(QLD Australia)

Thats it! I'm pulling the kids out of school, Pete's leaving his job and I'm throwing in the business. We're selling our house and all of our material possessions to buy four one way tickets to Pandora.

Yeah OK. So we just came back from watching Avatar - the latest 3D science fiction movie to hit the big screen. But do you know something?

Once upon a time television, microwaves, cellphones and not so long ago, the GPS were all just 'science fiction' stuff. Hmmm - makes you wonder!

I'd love to live on Pandora with these gentle blue giants that show a great respect for the use of personal and shared energy. Since 2007 I have been 'playing' with energy, vibrations, thoughts and creations and I tell you what - It'd be a heck of alot easier to do with an Avatar by your side :)

In the beginning of my learning's I found it very difficult as there were always those disempowering people to help the bad vibes rise once again. Way back then I never realised that those types of folks had no power over my thoughts.

To help myself out, I decided to only hang out with people that made me feel good and apart from my immediate little family, there are our extra great, love em to bits, mates across the road. We have our own little 'Pandora' going :)

Sure, life was quiet for a while and that was OK. It helped ME and MY energy. Now I find myself mingling with a few more people. So far so good. These people weren't in my life in 2007 and have suddenly appeared and all is well and fine. However, on outings sometimes, I might bump into a being that has some negative advice or sarcasm to throw my way. I see these as little challenges. They still fire me up but I know that its not what they say to me that matters. Its how I respond to what they say to me that matters the most! I'm a work in progress :)

Ahhh fun and games.

Just the thought of a ticket to Pandora made me feel soooo excited. (without the war bits of course) And to know that many things that were once classed as science fiction are finding their way into our reality - is even more exciting!

Today I saw Pandora - science fiction - and I know that by many folks in this moment, learning to apply their own powers that be, Pandora is closer than we might think. :)


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Sep 11, 2011
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