A Different Perspective on the Law of Attraction

by Joyce

Hello everyone, I am Joyce and I'd like to present an alternative viewpoint of the LoA (Law of Attraction) from my fellow classmate on a different forum:

quoteWhat many of you have been saying and what I realized is that the law of attraction is not really a law or rule that exists in the universe, rather, it's a imindset, a mind rule created by humans to help with living life./i If you think about this, hard, you'll notice that the secret does nothing whatsoever to change our reality, uit just shifts or perspectives, changes our mindsets, and morphs our way of dealing with the world./u I don't think there's any law of attraction that exists in the world but in the minds of men and women.

So pretty much what I'm trying to say is that there's no point trying to get this law of attraction to work and be disappointed and think you're doing something wrong when it doesn't. Because it's not there, not really, it's just a matter of how you think, if you view this thing as good, then it is, if you view it as bad, then it is. iNo one can control the universe and make it do his/her bidding just with the power of their thoughts./i That's preposterous, like henning said, if two people had conflicting interests, what then? Conflicting interests result from different views of the world in how it works, what happens, and how it should be reacted to.

bThe law of attraction is there to help you better enjoy life and accept your place in it, it's easier to adapt rather than change, especially with something as massive as the universe as your prospect. There is no secret to life, there is no special formula to help you in life. The only way to live, is to live./b/quote

So with this new definition, does this change your personal view of the LoA? Has all of this just been "another belief system" (think of religions) or something much more? How much has The Secret and its LoA impacted your life? (if you know about the Transcendentalists, it would be great to talk about them and their ideals too!)

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