Universal Laws - The Power to Manifest Abundance and Happiness in Your Life

The most famous of the Universal Laws is the Law of Attraction as portrayed in the movie The Secret. Use the Law of Abundance and the Law of Vibration to create a wonderful life.

What are the Universal Laws? They are, in effect, the laws of life and are based on the fact that the entire universe is comprised of energy. Therefore everything is connected. Nothing or no one is isolated or separate.

  • The Law of Attraction - We attract what we think about and therefore our words, actions and feelings all attract similar energies. Positive energies attract more positive energies and negative energies attract more of the same.
  • The Law of Growth - All physical things are the result of consciousness and this law says that the seed of consciousness will grow things.
  • The Law of Abundance - The universe is capable of producing unlimited abundance.
  • The Law of Cause and Effect - For every action there is a reaction or consequence.
  • The Law of Reciprocity - Whatever is sent out into the universe by way of vibration will manifest outcomes in the physical world.
  • The Law of Correspondence- The laws of physics, which explain the physical world, have corresponding laws in the universe.
  • The Law of Resonance - All energy resonates at a specific frequency which allows only harmonious frequencies to come together.
  • The Law of Polarity - There is a full range of possibilities from the very dark (trials and tribulations) to the very light (happiness and bliss). Live in on a continuum and everything has an opposite. We can transform negative thoughts by thinking the opposite.

  • The Law of Vibration - Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration and travels in circular patterns, even though different objects and things are vibrating at different rates.
  • The Law of Compensation - This universal law says that our deeds earn us "payment" in the form of blessings, money, gifts and love.
  • The Law of Relativity - This universal law states that we will all be given some problems and tests in our lives and that it will be a challenge to remain connected to the universe when dealing with them. This law suggests that we compare our problems to those of others and remember that they are all relative.
  • The Law of Tenfold Return - Whatever you give comes back to you tenfold. When you release energy, it gathers more energy as it travels around the universe. Then as all energy travels in circles, it eventually comes back to you in a greater form than when you gave it away.
  • The Law of Divine Oneness - Everything in the universe is interconnected, therefore all of your actions, thoughts and words affect others.
  • The Law of Action - This law states that we must have some action behind our thoughts, emotions, dreams and words in order to manifest things here in the physical world.
  • The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy - Higher energies and can consume and transform lower energies. Therefore everyone has the power to change their lives for by focusing on good, high energy thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • The Law of Rhythm - Everything in the universe vibrates and moves in rhythms or cycles. Vibrations themselves are waves that have their ups and downs. Each cycle reflects the regularity of the universe.
  • The Law of Gender - Everything in the universe has a masculine and feminine side, which is the basis for all creation.

Life Coaching

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I can help you to manifest whatever you desire. If you need help with the universal laws or any aspect of the Law of Attraction, I can work with you to get results. For personal online advice, refer to the Life Coaching page of this website.

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Imagine it and it is yours!

Maria Westcott
The Mind's Eye Productions

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