The Universal Law of Attraction - Step 1 - Know What You Really Want

Universal Law of Attraction. What is the secret? Law of Attraction experts say that it is to get very clear about what you desire using the Universals Law of Attraction. It is effortless!

It sounds like it would be easy to know what you really want, but it is amazing how many people have trouble with this step. In fact, when you ask someone what they want, you will be surprised to hear many people answer by telling you what they DON'T want.

The thing about the Universal Law of Attraction is that you get exactly what you are thinking about. So if you spend your day thinking about what you don't want or worrying about bad things happening, you will actually be attracting these very things to you. Once you realise this, you should stop all such thoughts dead in their tracks every time you have them and instead focus on that which you DO want. Therefore it is important that you know what you really want.

Perhaps your relationship with your partner is going through bad patch. If this is the case, how much time do you spend thinking about all the things your partner does that irritate you? 

Or if finances are the problem, I bet that you are constantly focusing on your "lack", worrying about how to pay the mounting bills and fretting because you can't afford this or that.

This is exactly what you should NOT be doing. In fact, the word WANT is a bad word to use in the first place. If you are "wanting" for something, it reeks of lack and desperation. You should instead be focusing on having whatever it is that you aspire to have. Just focus on the positive and on what you want.

Here are some exercises that I find useful to help me know what I really want and get the Universal Law of Attraction working for me.

Commit Your Desires to Paper

How much money do you wish to have?

______________Annual Salary


______________Savings in the Bank

At this point, do not concern yourself with how you will get the money. Just be crystal clear regarding exactly how much money you want to have.

Now do a similar exercise with other areas of your life:

      * Health and Well-Being
      * Personal Relationships
      * Career Aspirations
      * Spiritual Objectives

With the Universal Law of Attraction, the key is to know what you really want and to be very specific about it. It is not good to say that you want a partner. What kind of partner are you looking for? Just as you did in the financial exercise above, be very specific about everything from his or her height to the personality traits you wish them to have. Write all of your wishes in a notebook that you can easily refer to.


Another exercise that I find very useful is to daydream about that which I desire. Just close your eyes and imagine having whatever is it that you want. Imagine how you feel now that you have it. Imagine touching it, seeing it, hearing it, feeling it and knowing that you have it. The more positive emotions you can evoke when doing this, the better.

Treasure Chest

Get a small (or large, depending on how many wishes you have) cardboard box.  Now collect some old magazines and spend half a day looking through them for pictures of the objects you wish to have. If you see an idyllic picture of a Caribbean beach and this is where you'd like to spend you next vacation, cut it out and put it in the box. If you find a picture of your ideal home, put it in the box as well. Or perhaps you can clip out a picture of that new set of wheels you've been dying to have. Just keep snipping and putting the objects of your desire into the box. There are not limits to what you can wish for as the universe and the Law of Attraction knows no boundaries.

Life Coaching

As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I can help you to manifest whatever you desire. If you need help with the universal laws or any aspect of the Law of Attraction, I can work with you to get results. For personal online advice, refer to the Life Coaching page of this website.

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Imagine it and it is yours!

Maria Westcott
The Mind's Eye Productions

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