Rich Dad Poor Dad - Creating Financial Abundance

I have always been a big fan of the Rich Dad Poor Dad book series, website and products. Robert Kiyosaki does a wonderful job of teaching us how to manage our money wisely and create great wealth in the process.

This may not be the typical Law of Attraction approach to attracting abundance, but there is a common denominator in that the Rich Dad Poor Dad books show us how our thoughts shape our lives. Besides.........a little practical knowledge about money, debt, investing and cash flow can't hurt!

Robert teaches his lessons in a very unique way using his two dads. One dad struggled financially all of his life and the other dad went on to become one of the richest men in Hawaii. By contrasting the approach and advice given by both of his dads and seeing what wealth each went on to accumulate, he was able to form his own theories about money.

Above all, what Kiyosaki learned is that your thoughts had a huge impact on your life. His poor dad would always say, "I can't afford it" while his rich dad would "How can I make it happen?"

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As a Law of Attraction Life Coach, I can help you to manifest whatever you desire. If you need help with the universal laws or any aspect of the Law of Attraction, I can work with you to get results. For personal online advice, refer to the Life Coaching page of this website.

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