Cosmic Ordering from Barbel Mohr The Cosmic Ordering Service

The easy way to use the power of the cosmos to manifest anything you want in your life. Cosmic Ordering is so simple yet so powerful!

This phenomonon became popular when Barbel Mohr published her book. Originally written in German, it has now been translated into 14 different languages and is sold all over the world.

Barbel was born in Bonn, Germany and is now a best-selling author and lecturer after having worked as a photographer, magazine designer, picture editor and video producer.

The cosmic ordering technique involves placing your order for whatever it is you desire from the universe just as you would if you were ordering something from a catalogue. The idea is to place the order, trust you will receive it and then just forget about it.

Amazon gives the following summary of her book:


Barbel Mohr's book is the new self-help phenomenon. It is recognised as the book that turned UK TV presenter Noel Edmonds' life around. Bestselling author Barbel Mohr teaches you how to fulfil all your wishes -- just by placing an order with the universe. She has used this technique to gain her dream job, the ideal man, money, health -- even a castle to live in! Mohr has taught hundreds and thousands of others how to listen to your inner voice, place and order, sit back, and let marvellous things happen. 

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Imagine it and it is yours!

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