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December 21, 2012

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December 21, 2012            Holiday Offer

Just in case Hi! Maria Westcott here...

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An Amazing Holiday Offer Exclusively For My Readers

My friend and mentor, Steve Crabb, has made an exclusive offer to my Law of Attraction readers. Now you can download his hypnotic digital recording, "Be Grateful" for only £4.95 (retail value £14.95). I have been listing to this recording myself for the last 90 days and have seen some amazing results!

Just go to his website How2Easily and use the PROMO CODE g1j7

How2easily - Be Grateful...

“The daily practice of gratitude is one of the conduits by which your wealth will come to you” ~ Wallace Wattles (1860-1911), author of the prosperity classic, "The Science of Getting Rich".

Gratitude is the vibration state that enables all good things in your life to be attracted to you. Like will be attracted to like and you will have even more to be grateful for. So make gratitude your daily practice.

It’s been said that you must “sow before we reap”. When you are grateful for all the many things in your life you create a vibration which attracts more of what you are grateful for. An attitude of gratitude is one of the keys to living a joyous, happy, successful life. It's one of the keys to the Law of Attraction (LOA) and to manifesting more of what you want.

This hypnotic meditation will guide you through a gratitude process where you will begin to count your blessings and start to see even more appearing.

The hypnotic music is a serene backdrop to a carefully designed guided meditation where you get to have sincere thanks for your life, interwoven between positive gratitude statements from inspirational people throughout time.

Produced and performed by Steve Crabb - NLP MASTER Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Transformative Coach. Steve is the hypnotherapist and coach that Paul McKenna calls when he needs someone to run his training teams and help him with his workshops and seminars.

"Steve Crabb is experienced in helping others to change their lives for the better. His skill is only equaled by his determination to improve the lives of others."

Paul McKenna – Best selling author and world-renowned hypnotist.

Go to Steve's website How2Easily and use the PROMO CODE g1j7 to get your discount today!

Wishing You Happy Holidays and an Abundant & Prosperous New Year!

Imagine It and It Is Yours!
Maria Westcott
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