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The Absolute Quickest Way To Get Wealth, Health and Happiness
December 21, 2012

The Mind’s Eye Ezine
July 22, 2012            Issue #3

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In This Issue

  • New Law of Attraction 30-Day Boot Camp

  • Inspirational Quotations

  • Feature Article

  • Tips for Manifesting

  • Cool Stuff

  • Announcing The New Law of Attraction 30-Day Boot Camp!

    I am pleased to announce my new LOA 30-Day Boot Camp starting August 1st. This is in response to the many requests I have had to help people use the LOA in their lives to create health, wealth and happiness. This 30-Day Program is guaranteed to transform your life and is like no other program out there.

    YOU CAN GET THE FIRST LESSON FREE by going to The Law of Attraction Boot Camp. Day 1 of the program offers a Prosperity IQ test to better understand where you are now, a free classic book giveaway, and a hypnotic abundance audio by me to better align your unconscious mind with the intentions of the Boot Camp.

    As an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, I am able to teach you additional skills to make the LOA work in your favor quite effortlessly in your life.

    There will be a recorded message from me every day, lessons, exercises, many free gifts, and a Boot Camp Community Forum and Facebook page.

    And don't worry if you work, don't have the time, plan to be on vacation or have other commitments during the month of August. If you sign up for the program before August 1st, you will have access to all the lessons, recordings and calls forever and you can go through the program at your leisure.

    The cost of the program is $99, but I am offering a Special Early Bird Rate of $49.

    CLICK HERE to read more about how you can transform your world in 30 Days!

    Inspirational Quotations

  • "We keep running after the people who least care about us. Why don't we just stop, turn around, and see those who are running behind us?" - Unknown

  • "The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible." - Winston Churchill

  • "Take pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go." - Christian Larson

  • Feature Article

    Why is the Law of Attraction not working for you?

    First of all, the Law of Attraction is working all the time and it works for everyone!

    What many people don't realize is that it is futile to repeat affirmations that we really don't believe or ask the Universe for the perfect partner, a new car or abundance in our life and then just expect it to show up.

    The Law of Attraction is all about energy. The vibrational frequency of your energy will attract more of the same. So the vibrational frequency of your energy has less to do with what you DO and is more closely linked to who you ARE. How are you BEING? How are you showing up in the world?

    It doesn't work to look in the mirror and repeat the affirmation 25x - "I am rich and I have abundance in my life" and then go out into the real world and 10 minutes later catch yourself telling someone that you can't afford something.

    You have to live abundance, feel abundance and BE abundance NOW in order to attract more of it.

    "So how do you do that?", you ask.

    You start imagining that you are wealthy, that you live in abundance and you feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. We all have great imaginations and can do that easily.

    The brain doesn't know the difference between something imagined and something real, so your energy will begin to vibrate at a higher level.

    The key is in sustaining this new feeling and not reverting back to your old ways. I find that there are two ways to do this.

    1. Is to be very aware of the language you are using. You language will tell you whether you are still on track. Are you moving towards what you want or moving away from what you don't want? That distinction alone can make all the difference.

    2. Is you unconscious mind sabotaging you by the limiting beliefs that you have and reverting to your old habitual ways of thinking and acting?

    NLP has many powerful tools and techniques to keep you moving towards the positive outcome and to break through your limiting beliefs.

    Tips for Manifesting

    As the feature article highlights, the unconscious mind can impede the manifestation process, so the Manifesting Tip in this edition to help you to overcome this is -- HYPNOSIS!

    In order to attract what you want in life - whether that is good health, wealth, happiness, or love - you must BE those things already. You must feel healthy in your mind, even if you body is not. You must feel and believe you are wealthy, even if the bank account balance does not reflect that. You must sincerely feel happy now in order to attract more happiness. And you must feel love for everyone and everything in order to attract more love or perhaps your dream partner or soul mate.

    But so many of us find it very difficult to actually feel this way and believe in the wish fulfilled when it does not reflect the current reality. Our unconscious mind is often programmed with sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs.

    That is where hypnosis can help. Hypnosis gets to the core of your unconscious thinking and when your unconscious mind is then aligned with your conscious desires, you will begin to see the most amazing things showing up in your life.

    There are many hypnosis downloads out there and I will also be giving you LOA hypnosis audios during the Law of Attraction Boot Camp to help you on your way.

    Cool Stuff

    Are you one of those people who find it difficult to have the discipline and find the time to visualize everyday?? Or do you find it hard to visualize and attach emotion to your goals?

    I have found the coolest and most effective tool to help you with the visualization process – a Mind Movie.

    Ryan and Natalie from Mind Movies are awesome and are genuine in their quest to spread the message of the Law of Attraction.

    Click on the link below to watch Ryan’s video explaining all about this amazing visualizing tool.

    Mind Movies

    A Mind Movie is a 3 minute slideshow/movie of your perfect life. You watch your Mind Movie every morning and night to help manifest through the Law of Attraction everything you want to do, be and have.

    A Mind Movie helps you put it all together — the desire, how you describe it, what it looks like, what it feels like, with inspiring music to align the desire with your deepest, strongest feelings and emotions.

    And the best thing is it’s super easy to put together even if you have NO technical skills what so ever.

    If you would like to create the future of your dreams let Ryan tell you all about Mind Movies here.


    I hope you enjoyed this issue and I welcome any suggestions you might have to make it even better.

    Feel free to send it to all of your friends!


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